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MicroSSX Biplane

The MicroSSX Biplane can be flown with the following recommended power items: Hacker A10-12S or equivalent motor, Hacker A10-7L motor or equivalent 19 g motor, 7-3.5 propeller, 730-2S or 730-3S lipo battery and 4 6-gram or less servos.
GWS 6 x 5 Slow Flyer Black Propeller - for MicroSSX. Retail: $1.15
MicroSSX™ Decals - Choice of colors includes red, yellow, blue, black, and green. Item #MSSXD Retail: $5.00
GWS 7 x 3.5 Direct Drive Electric Propeller - Item #EP-7035. Retail: $1.20

Designed for a 10-12S or E-Flite Park 250 motor with Castle Creations 9 ESC, Castle Creations Berg Microstamp 4L Full Range Receiver (or AR6100), a 250-730 mAh 2-cell lipo battery, 6-5 propeller and 3 5-gram or less servos.

For indoor flying,
try to keep plane
as light as possible.
Recommend 10g motor, 3 2.5 gram servos, lightweight 3-5g ESC (Ex. Castle 6), 2-cell 250-300 mAh lipo battery and ultra-light wheels. Contact us for more details on indoor flying setup.
MicroSSX™ or MicroSSX Biplane™ Fuselage Repair Kit - includes 15" x .125" x .125" square carbon fuselage tube and plywood repair parts.
Item #MSSX Fuse Repair Kit Retail: $10.00 (please specify if for MicroSSX™ or MicroSSX Biplane™
APC 7x4 Slo-Flyer Gray Composite Propeller - for Micro3DX or MicroBiplane. Item #APC-704. Retail: $2.15
Accessories for the MicroSSX™, MicroSSX™ Biplane and the Micro3DX™
Micro Accessories
Deans Micro Plug 2R, Red polarized - For battery to speed control. Rated for 10 Amp applications. Item #DeansMicroPlug2R1222 Retail: $1.55
Two-Pin Female JST Connector - charging plug - JST gender is determined by the red plastic connector housing and not the actual pins. The female JST connector has metal pins inside it, however, since its plastic case fits over and envelopes the male JST connector it is considered the female of the species. Unfortunately this has created some confusion. If you go by the pins, the genders seem reversed than the actual product title. But if you go by the red plastic housing it will make sense what the manufacturer intended. WARNING: This connector is rated for 3-Amp applications. Using this connector in applications greater than 3-Amps may cause the connector to melt and short. Item #ConnectorTwoPinFemJST Retail: $1.50

Recommended Power Set-up: 19-20g motor (Recommend Hacker A10-7L or Shulman Fury A10-7L, Castle Thunderbird 9 ESC or equivalent, 4 6-gram or less servos and a 730 or 480 2-cell lipo battery.

Call or email us to check on availability of MicroSSX™, MicroSSX™ Biplane and Micro3DX™ power packs,
as we do not always stock these items.

Castle Creations Thunderbird 9 Brushless Speed Control - for MicroSSX and MicroSSX™ Biplane Outdoor flying (no programming necessary, 3S lipo max, 9 amps continuous) Item #CCTB9SC Retail: $29.95
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