SSX™ & X-Trainer™ Accessories
APC 10 x 4.7 Slo-Flyer Gray Composite Propeller. Retail: $2.95
BP Hobbies A2212-13 Brushless outrunner motor for SSX™ - Small yet powerful motor for 10oz - 28oz airplanes. Kv: 1000 RPM/V Max Current: 12A/60S Use with 3 li-poly cells and 10x5 prop. (Generates 160 watts with an APC 10 x 4.7 Slo-Flyer prop and a 3S Thunderpower 1320 lipo). We suggest propping for around 140 watts continuous power with short bursts up to 180 watts. An excellent higher-powered replacement for geared Speed 400-480 motors in slow-flying or 3D planes that require a larger 10" propeller. Use on sailplanes up to 28 oz, trainers up to 25 oz, aerobatic aircraft up to 18 oz and 3D airplanes up to 15 oz. Recommended prop is 10 x 5 on 3 li-poly cells. The motor features a 3.2mm hardened steel shaft, dual ball bearings, and has 3.5mm gold spring male connectors already attached and includes 3 female connectors for your speed control. Now includes collet type prop adapter and radial motor mount. Mounting holes have 16mm and 19mm spacing on centers and are tapped for 3mm (M3) screws. Similar to Welgard A2212-13, AXI Gold A2212/26, Welgard C2830-12, E-Flite Park 400. This motor already has shaft in reversed position for easy mounting on our outrunner motor mount.
Item #Motor BPA2212-13REV
Retail: $18.95
SAVE $$$
Available as a combo with our
outrunner motor mount for $21.95
Outrunner motor mount - New and improved! Now available in colors to match X-Gear™ and X-Fuse™ Sets! Fiberglass-filled nylon provides extra rigidity and reduces motor vibration. A strong, affordable and lightweight solution for mounting your outrunner motor to any 10mm x 10mm stick. Works with a wide selection of outrunners and includes (4) 3mm x 4mm screws to easily mount the motor. Mounting holes are slotted to allow a fit for a variety of motors. Internal diameter is 1.2 inches. Weighs only 5 grams. (6-pack is available for a discount on Motor Mount page of website) Item #MRCOMM, Retail: $3.95
GWS Wire landing gear set with tail skid, wheels and aluminum dihedral braces. Item #GWSLG, Suggested Retail: $5.75
Slow Stick, Slow Stick X™ and X-Trainer™ Accessories
(Power packs do not include airplane)
DEANS Ultra Plug Male/Female Set (one pair) - Rated for 40+ Amp applications (12 gauge wire equivalence). Item #1300, Retail: $3.25
Deans Male Ultra Plug (2-pack) - Rated for 40+ Amp Applications (12 guage wire equivalence) CAUTION: It is strongly recommended you do not use the 1302 as a battery lead plug. Use the 1303 plug to avoid accidental shorting of the battery. Item #DeansUltraPlugMale1302, Retail: $3.75
Deans Female Ultra Plug (2-pack) - Rated for 40+ Amp applications
(12 guage wire equivalence)
Item #DeansUltraPlugFem1303, Retail: $2.75
Our new X-Fuse, X-Gear and Motor Mounts are proudly made in the USA!
With Tail Gear
Motor Mount:
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X-Gear™ - ABS Plastic/Nylon blend and Carbon fiber landing gear for more stability and strength. Works with original GWS Slow Stick fuselage, Slow Stick X fuselage and also adaptable to many of the current E-Flite models. Available in choice of colors: Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow and new Green! Now includes
even stronger carbon rods! (DOES NOT INCLUDE WHEELS)
Item #XGII Retail Price: $14.95
Premium Du-Bro 1" Mini Lite Wheel - Perfect for our new nose/tail gear kit. Super lightweight foam design. (thicker than the GWS wheel) Item #WDB1 Retail: $2.10 ea. or $4.00 for two-pack
Weight: (each) .90 gr /
Diameter:25.5mm / 1.00 in.
Axel Hole Diameter: .047 in (can be drilled out for larger size axels)
Width: 8mm (.315") Use with #944 or #868 Micro Wheel Retainers.
X-Fuse™ Set - includes battery mount, front and rear wing mounts, fuselage joiner, customizable servo mounts, adjustable pushrod guide, Velcro strap, foam tape and hardware used for mounting to 10mm fuselage. (choose with or without steerable nose/tail gear). Individual parts available on X-Fuse page of this website. Available in Black, Blue, Red or Yellow!
Item #XFSTG $13.50 With Tail Gear
Item #-XFS $10.95 Without Tail Gear
3.2mm Replacement Shaft for BP A2212-13 and Welgard A4130 motors
Item #SHAFTBP3.2, Retail: $3.95
Six-pack of Velcro brand black one-wrap with hook on one side and loop on the other. 5/8" x 8" long. Item #VELCRO1W6PK Retail: $2.50
Eight-pack of super-strength, double-sided foam tape for high temp applications. (permanent adhesive on both sides). Pre-cut strips are 1/16" x 1" x 2" long. (similar tape sells on Amazon in a roll for almost $.30 per inch!
Item #FT8PK Our Price: $1.00 for 8 - 2" pieces
2 1/2" diameter x .625" thick foam wheels for SSX™. (These are the wheels we include in the SSX ARF and Build Kit Bundles) Weight 3/4 oz.(21g)/pair.
Item #Wheels-2.5CH pr Retail: $3.50/Pair
NEW!! Du-Bro Park Flyer Snow Skis (1 pair) - works great with our X-Gear to allow for fun in the snow! Spring system allows for flex on take-offs and landings, yet remains in a positive position while in flight. Easily mounts on your aircraft in just minutes. Made of vacuum-formed ABS material with two runners on each ski for excellent tracking and steering.
Item #DBSS Retail Price: $11.00 Our Price: $9.95
SPECIAL! X-Gear / Snow Ski Combo -
includes your choice of X-Gear color and one pair of Du-Bro Park Flyer Snow Skis. Item #DBSS-XGII
Retail Value: $25.95 SPECIAL COMBO PRICE: $22.95
Features of all DEANS Connectors: Eliminate the possibility of reverse polarity connections. Low resistance, compact size. Provide a secure connection for battery and motor connections on R/C vehicles. REQUIRES: Soldering connectors onto wires.
Recommended Power Pack items: 400 style outrunner motor, 125-200 watts with 18-20 amp speed control, or equivalent; propeller and battery (1100 - 2200 mAh 3-cell lipo) as recommended in instructions for motor; 4 sub-microservos, such as HS-55 or HS-65; receiver and transmitter.

We do have SSX Power Pack items in stock.
Please call for availability and pricing.
You may also link to our website with an easy-to-remember URL (Fly Electric R/C!): www.FlyERC.com
Replacement Shaft for 3.2mm BP and Welgard A2212 reversed-shaft motors. If you want to reverse the shaft on an A2212 series motor, you can use this shaft. Just remove the c-clip and loosen the set screw. Remove the old shaft. Replace with this shaft. Retighten set screw and put c-clip back on the new front side. It is that simple! Item #SHAFTBP3.2REV, Retail: $3.95
NEW!! - Millennium R/C Fuselage Accessory Bundle. - Give your Slow Stick a "lift" with Millennium R/C's top-of-the line accessories in your choice of colors. Special bundle includes a set of our X-Gear landing gear, an X-Fuse set (including tail gear, front and rear wing mounts, lipo battery holder with Velcro strap, servo mounts, adjustable pushrod guides and 10mm fuselage joiner), as well as our very own glass-filled outrunner motor mount. All our accessories are MADE IN THE USA! Choose from Black, Blue, Red or Yellow. Regular retail price: $34.80. Special Bundle Price: $30.00.
$30 Bundle
X-Gear Combo - Buy one set of our premium ABS Nylon/Carbon fiber landing gear in your choice of colors and get a pair of 2 1/2" wheels for just $2 more (regularly $3.50) You'll love the difference our X-Gear makes when you land and taxi on the runway.
Item #XGII-WH. Retail Price: $18.75.
You pay only $16.95!